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  • To be environmentally conscious
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IMG_5340-2Wickedly Delicious, locally made and is the perfect mix of buttery, salty and sweet.

  • Gluten free, peanut free
  • Long shelf life
  • Can be frozen (if it lasts that long)
  • Contains energy-producing carbohydrates
  • Mushroom popcorn is used to make kettle corn – unlike regular popcorn, mushroom popcorn is roughly spherical when popped, so there are fewer small pieces to break off – what you get at the movie theatre is butterfly popcorn

IMG_5301-3The newest kid on the block! Say goodbye to greasy, messy hands — Pop’s Kettle Chips are light and come in four amazing flavours:

  • Hickory
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Chili Lime
  • Regular

Our special recipe will keep you coming back for more!

IMG_0162How it’s Made

We are committed to providing the finest product on the market. Here is a brief description about the ingredients and equipment that we use to make our wickedly delicious kettle corn!


  • canola oil
  • mushroom popcorn
  • sugar
  • salt

note:  our speciality corns have extra spices and flavourings


Our equipment is brand new and state of the art.


Our oven is completely enclosed and keeps the heat where we need it. There is enough space between the unit and the floor to provide the right amount of combustion air to properly fuel the burner. In addition, the vents on the side are just the right size to throw off the burner gases. The vents are situated in a way that wind will not affect our burner flame.


Our kettle is big and has the capacity to get the job done quickly. It has a large diameter which means more surface area is in contact with the flame. This heats our oil, corn, and sugar faster.

Sifting Bin

Our sifting bin ensures that any unpopped kernels (old maids) are sifted out so you the consumer only gets the best. Once our popcorn has gone through the sifting process, all that’s left are fluffy white perfectly popped corn.

Pilot System/Thermocouple

Our unit has two gas lines. One gas line provides fuel to the pilot system and one line runs to the burner. We manually light the pilot flame while pressing a safety release button. When the thermocouple senses heat from its pilot flame, it will then allow gas to flow to the main burner. The thermocouple makes our unit safe because if the pilot flame goes out gas won’t continue to flow where it shouldn’t.

Our equipment is 100% TSSA Approved!